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Looking into the past, we’re inspired by Oman’s illustrious, centuries-old tradition of cross-cultural maritime trade – which O Bunkering as a company continues today, in the modern era.


In the present, we are inspired by rapidly evolving developments in the global shipping industry, together with new, innovative, and more sustainable bunkering solutions, which we continue to adopt into all operations.


O Bunkering is inspired by a future in which we continue delivering world-class products and services to the shipping industry, while propelling you in the direction you need to go.

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Welcome message

Mr. Ali Amur

O Bunkering was established in the year 2013 and has evolved into a leading bunker trading company nationwide. Our team consists of young, passionate, and professional Omanis who are determined to deliver the global shipping industry world-class products and services, while ensuring efficient logistical planning that suits every customer’s needs.

As part of our company’s vision for the future, we have aligned ourselves with Oman’s Vision 2040 for economic development, as it secures the country as a favored logistics hub in the Middle East and Gulf Region. Today, we invite all local, regional, and international customers to join us: We are committed to propelling you in the direction you need to go.

To-date, O Bunkering has proudly supplied thousands of metric tons of marine fuels to various customers. This has been possible due to the significance of Oman’s geographical location and availability of its port infrastructure – making it a prime bunkering and logistics hub for international shipping. Our strategy is to leverage this strategic location to our advantage, to ensure the Sultanate of Oman becomes a preferred bunkering port-of-call for the global shipping industry.


Where are we heading

O Bunkering is proud to serve the global shipping industry – and the ships passing and calling Omani ports.

Our vision

Our Vision

We are committed to be the most Reliable and Trusted Bunker Partner in Oman.

Our Mission

To provide regional and international ships with globally competitive and value-adding bunkering Marine & Lubricant  services, by leveraging the strategic location of Oman.

Our Values


We are proud to have achieved high customer satisfaction rate, and we continue to provide world-class customer service and support at every interaction.

to Quality

We care about delivering top-class products that comply to stringent international quality standards – to meet the exact requirements of our customers.


We adapt to ever-changing market conditions, creating a robust team that performs to transform.

Trust &

We are committed to upholding our reputation of providing complete transparency and trust in all operations, and with all clients.

Our team

Proudly Omani

O Bunkering: Oman Vision 2040

Through its mission to attract regional and international customers with globally competitive bunkering services and infrastructure, O Bunkering continues to align its operations with the Sultanate’s illustrious Oman Vision 2040, which aims to position Oman as a leading logistics hub in the region.

Oman 2040

O Bunkering: Omanization

O Bunkering is proud of its current 100% Omanization rate. At the same time, we continue to contribute to job creation for Omani nationals, and to build and facilitate local partnerships for international bunker supplier.

O Bunkering: Communities & Environment

Founded in 2014 as the Sultanate of Oman’s first – and now largest – bunker trading company, O Bunkering remains committed to developing In-Country Value within the communities and environments associated with our operations.

Communities & Environment


Health, Safety & Environment ​

Health, Safety & Environment

The health and safety of each of our team members – as well as our valued customers and clients carrying out operations within the Omani ports – is of the utmost importance to us. At the same time a significant part of our day-to-day operational focus is dedicated to maintaining stringent environment-friendly protocols to help keep the planet cleaner and greener.



We care about delivering world-class quality across all our product and service categories, to ultimately meet the exact requirements of our customers. Each one of our employees is responsible for implementing the quality criteria that apply to their individual fields of expertise. This, combined with regular quality reviews, ensure O Bunkering consistently delivers on its promise of exceptional products and service.



O Bunkering recognizes our ongoing responsibility to optimize performance with regards to environmental sustainability. We follow strict international environmental guidelines to ensure waste and emission-free practices – as well as overall cleaner, greener operations. We’re 100% committed to continuous improvement in environmental sustainability, in the short and long term.